Where Am I?

Hi! My name is Lydia! You might know me from a wide variety of media and/or community projects.

I like text, and I love the internet, so I made this website for putting text on. 🙂 Sometimes I put text on it, and sometimes other people put text on it. Eden Circle is not about having a well-documented editorial process, or transparent media ethics, or any of the other things I am known to care about on my other projects.

I also love comments. This includes anonymous and pseudonymous comments. Anonymity and pseudonymity are strongly encouraged in this domain. If you annoy me (or the writer of the post in question if that person isn’t me), then your comments might get deleted, and this could happen with neither a warning nor a fair trial. With that said, I will never cancel you over a comment left on this website, and if I hear about anyone else attempting to do so then I will shame them.

Some people have the ability to put text on this website without me reviewing it first. One of those people is Benjamin Wachs, a.k.a. Caveat Magister, of Burning Man fame.

FYI: There is no money to be made here! I have been involved in many media projects that include earning money and/or paying other people money. This is not one of them.


I would like to earn money from one of your media projects and/or get your PR support and/or support you monetarily in some way. What do?

If you are a money-and-media hobbyist of inspired faith and skill, then it’s likely we have friends in common, and that our future meeting is fated. I trust we shall meet when the time is right. I’m also on Twitter.

How do I write for Eden Circle?

If you would like to put text on this website, then drop me a line. The decision of who gets to put text on this website is wholly arbitrary and indefensible. One of its arbitrary and indefensible aspects is that you must find me with no contact form <3

What is your Sekrit Plan for Eden Circle?

To claim that it is a tiny not-for-profit side project of no significance while establishing an oasis of care and peaceful exchange. Together we shall weave a community who can see both the forest and the trees. Perhaps eventually we will send cautious forays back out to the scorched-earth culture warfare that surrounds us on all sides, but for now, let us rest and restore our depleted spirits.

Do you know about Substack?

I briefly ran an experimental Substack publication back in 2018! I am forced to note that this was before Substack was cool. Funny story: My first full-time Silicon Valley job (in 2013) was at a startup that built a product very like Substack; the world wasn’t ready yet.

I like what Substack is doing and wish them well. With that said, for Eden Circle, I would like to be able to put text on a website over whose backend I have infinite power.

What is a Dedication of Merit?

A Dedication of Merit is a spiritual practice whereby one dedicates the merit, or positive impact, of one’s actions back to the universe. Some people recite them after meditation, spellcasting, and other occult practices. The one I use goes like this:

May the benefit of these acts and all acts go to all beings everywhere. May the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound be freed. May the powerless find power and all beings seek to benefit each other.

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